Friday, January 19, 2007

Bill Mann's best, worst of local TV, radio

East Bay media critic Bill Mann is out with his annual list of the best and worst in local TV and radio. For the second consecutive year, he says the most annoying on-air personalities in the Bay Area were KRON's "eruptive giggler" Darya Folsom (left) and KPIX CBS5's "camera hog" Roberta Gonzales (right).

Mann says talk show host and Marin County resident Michael Savage was the year's "Most Loathsome" personality. He calls Clear Channel's Bob Agnew the year's "Worst Radio Programmer" for some of the personnel decisions he's made at liberal talk station The Quake AM 960.

Mann also wishes these people would just go away: Bernie Ward, Ray Taliaferro, Gene Burns, Bill Watttenburg, Karel, anyone on "American Idol," Presidential hand-puppet Tony Snow, Tara Banks, Ralph Barbieri, Melanie Morgan, Howie Mandel.

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