Monday, February 12, 2007

New KDFC owners may drop classical music

Bill Lueth, program director of classical KDFC 102.1, tells Chron radio columnist Ben Fong-Torres that he fears the station's new owners may drop classical music in favor of a format that makes more money. "This could mean the end of classical music radio in San Francisco ... Typically, new ownership comes in with a new agenda. KDFC is a success, but it doesn't make the kind of money light rock does." As the Press Club reported Jan. 19, KDFC and sister stations KOIT 96.5 and KMAX 95.7 are being sold by the Mormon-owned Bonneville International to Philadelphia's Entercom. Speaking about KDFC, Hoyt Smith is recovering from open-heart surgery and expects to return to the air soon, Fong-Torres reports.

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