Friday, April 27, 2007

Larry Bensky retiring from KPFA

Award-winning broadcaster and journalist Larry Bensky (pictured) is retiring from Pacifica Radio's KPFA-FM 94.1 after 38 years at the station, the Bay Area Indymedia reports. The last program of his weekly talk show "Sunday Salon" will air Sunday (Aprl 29) at 9 a.m. on KPFA.

Perhaps best known as national affairs correspondent for Pacifica Radio from 1987-1998, Bensky covered numerous national and international events for Pacifica, including confirmation hearings for four Supreme Court justices, the 1990 elections in Nicaragua and the Iran-contra scandal, for which he won the prestigious George Polk award, according to his KPFA biography.

Before and during his broadcasting career, Bensky has been a print journalist and editor. He was a managing editor of Ramparts Magazine in 1968, Paris editor of The Paris Review (1964-66) and an editor of the New York Times Book Review. For 15 years he was a political writer and columnist for the East Bay Express, and a contributor to the Los Angeles Times book review, and The Nation.

Indymedia says Bensky's career will be celebrated at a public event on June 3, where he will speak about his life and times with Pacifica historian Matthew Lasar. (Photo credit: KPFA Web site)


John said...

People should encourage Bill Moyer and Amy Goodman to collaborate with Larry Bensky to provide him a national and world voice. We have to few clear progressive voices to lose his. Thanks.

Michael said...

Hello Peninsula Press Club readers:

KPFA has created a tribute page to Larry Bensky, with an audio interview about his retirement. Visit: to read and listen.

- Michael, KPFA web director