Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Controversy over radio ratings system

KGO-AM 810 is still the first place station in the Bay Area in terms of overall audience despite a glitch at the Arbitron ratings company, which switched to new system of collecing ratings that gave No. 2 KOIT-FM 96.5 the first-place spot for two months. Brad Kava of the Mercury News explains what happened. KGO-AM boss Mickey Luckoff (pictured) is concerned about the new Arbitron system that dumps the hand-written diaries listeners are asked to keep, and goes to electronic devices people wear which record their listening habits. Kava notes:
    Who over the age of 12 religiously writes in a diary every day? And how can someone who drives back and forth to work possibly remember each station heard during a long commute?

    Many industry insiders argue the diary format favors women, who may be more likely to write in a journal than men.

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