Saturday, May 12, 2007

Retirement savings used to keep show on air

Bay Area journalist Betsy Rosenberg (pictured) is desperately trying to raise money in order to keep her "EcoTalk" program on the Air America Network, the Chronicle reports this morning. Rosenberg, for many years a familiar voice to KCBS 740 listeners, branched out a few years ago to do "EcoTalk," which currently airs on 20 Air America stations including San Francisco's KQKE 960 at 11 weeknights. Air America, which is emerging from bankruptcy, has told her it cannot finance the show, so she is trying to find backers on her own. Rosenberg, 51, said she has emptied her own six-figure retirement fund to keep the program going. She now is seeking $60,000 by May 18 to keep "EcoTalk" on the air for the next few months. (Photo credit: Christina Koci Hernandez, Chronicle)

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Anonymous said...

i don't mean to put down betsy, but talking about ecology 5 nights a week can't be very interesting for the listener ... this subject might be better as a weekend program.