Monday, July 2, 2007

Black Monday at the Merc

This morning, Mercury News newsroom staffers were to be told via phone whether they were going to be laid off. The San Jose paper is cutting 40 members of its newsroom. As the Guild points out in this posting, "This would be a blow at any time but it comes on the heels of nearly two years of deecost-cutting. Since 2000, the newsroom at the Mercury News has been cut in half from about 400 journalists to 200 full-time positions. This bloodletting has to stop." The Merc used this same procedure of calling employees at home to let them know they are fired during the last round of layoffs in January.

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Lou Alexander in San Jose said...

Here is a list of 31 people included in the layoff and 15 people who have voluntary resigned since the layoffs were announced on June 6.

Included in the layoff

Peter Allen
Stewart G Applin
Jennifer Aquino
Morna Baird
Michele R. Chandler
Victor chi
Barbara J. Egbert
Marilee S. Enge
Robin C. Evans
Kristen C. Folmar
Rodney A. Foo
Susanna L. Frohman
Constance L. Gove
Brian A. Griffin
Terri L. Hart
Brad Kava
dikran Keraghosian
Anthony Lioce
Marian Liu
Thomas Moore
Raymond Moses
Kimberly Nauman
John Orr
Daniel Reed
Janice Rombeck
Colin Seymour
Khanh Weinberg
Nicole Wong
Sara Wykes
Steve Yvaska
Steve Zuckerman

voluntary resignations since the layoffs were announced on June 6th:

Tim Ball
Margaret Bethel
Roger Cohn
Dave Curtis
dylan Hernandez
Jeff Hindenach
Elizabeth Howton
Wes Killingbeck
Will McCahill
Glenn Rabinowitz
Akii Ramsess
Elisabeth Rubinfein
Meryl Simon
Yomi Wrong
Oie Yeh