Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Muslim bakery intimidated weekly in 2002

Chauncey Bailey, who was gunned down allegedly by a member of Your Black Muslim Bakery, wasn't the first journalist to investigate that organization. In 2002, the East Bay Express published a series of articles documenting a history of violence by bakery members. "When we first published our stories, we received a bunch of letters-to-the-editor congratulating us on writing a story that had long needed to be written, but we also got a brick through our window and had a number of folks start shadowing the building and driving around and following some of our employees after they left the building," Express editor and co-owner Stephen Buel tells the Chron. Buel said the threats caused the alt-weekly to quit writing about the group and the reporter, Chris Thompson, worked in a different county for months after the series ran.

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