Friday, August 17, 2007

Stevenson quits as Dellums spokeswoman

The East Bay Express reports that Karen Stevenson is resigning as spokeswoman to Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums so she can devote more time to her PR firm, Core Communications, which she has run for the past seven years. Her contract with the mayor was to end June 30, but was extended on a temporary basis. Stevenson is a former KPIX producer.


Anonymous said...

After it came out that he had written a supportive letter on behalf of Yusef Bey and the Your Black Muslim Bakery, I'd quit Dellum's PR staff too. Either Dellum's staff is incompetent and wrote such a letter without doing any basic research into Bey's past or they sympathized with Muslim extremists. Either way, it's time for any sensible person to bail from Dellum's staff.

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