Friday, August 31, 2007

Will a free lunch attract reporters?

Novato Advance columnist and business consultant Al Coddington has an answer for people trying to get news coverage for service clubs. "Make sure your press release boldly states that a 'free lunch' will be provided to members of the working press and address it to Al Coddington at the Novato Advance."

OK, he's kidding. But Coddington offers some down-to-earth tips for those submitting community news items to newspapers:
    • "[K]now in your target market. When you write a press release, think about who is going to be the user of this information and ask yourself what benefit they will derive from it."

    • "Organize an event that will provide any photographer with a target-rich environment."

    • "If your service club meets only to listen to speakers, you will need to find some newsworthy tidbit in the speaker's content ..."

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