Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ronn Owens suffers on-air medical incident

A possible "prescription imbalance" caused KGO 810 host Ronn Owens to slur his words during the first hour of his three-hour program Monday morning. Owens said he felt "woozy." He then turned the program over to host John Rothmann. Rothmann, subbing for Owens today, announced at the top of the show that "Ron is in the hospital for some tests. They think it's a prescription imbalance." Rothmann said Owens is expected to return Thursday. The medical episode happened on Monday, the very day Gil Gross took over the shift of Pete Wilson, who died of a heart attack following hip replacement surgery in July.


Anonymous said...

This is a very strange episode. I only hope Ronn is getting the help that he needs. He didn't return to the air today, but called in to say he would be returning on Monday after a second round of tests.

Anonymous said...

I missed the beginning of the show today, Monday 9/24. What was the health problem - just worried about our Ronn!