Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chronicle finds another way to display ads

Chronicle readers discovered on page A6 this morning a new layout style where an ad sits in the middle of the page, with news above and below it. Above the ad was a jump and below it was a story and a photo.

The Chron, which has lost more than$330 million since Hearst bought it in 2000, has been displaying ads in new ways in the past several months. On Feb. 19, it began putting ads on the front of the "Bay Area" news section. On April 18 the first front page ad appeared. And on Monday the Chron wrapped half of its front page with an ad for a bank that displayed a giant foam finger. The ad displayed on page 6 today was for the Chronicle's Season of Sharing campaign.

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Anonymous said...

The CCT and Merc ran these middle-of-the-page ads a couple years ago but then dropped them.