Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finger covers Chron, Examiner front pages

On the front page of yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner newspapers was a giant blue finger. One of those giant foam fingers people hold up at football games. It was a giant ad for Wachovia Bank, which is rated No. 1 by customers in some survey. The wrap covered half of the Chronicle's front page including half of its flag. In the case of the tabloid Examiner, Wahovia was the entire front page, as well as page 2, the second to the last page and the back page. The Examiner, which depends on readers picking it up from racks more than the Chronicle, had only the ad on the page facing the public, no news headlines. The news started on the third page. For the record, the Chronicle's first front page ad appeared April 18.


Anonymous said...

the chronicle has been giving its readers the finger for years

Xanax said...

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