Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Burglars hit vacationing Chron subscribers

KGO-TV ABC 7's Dan Noyes (pictured) reports that a ring of burglars in Contra Costa County have been breaking into the homes of Chronicle subscribers who were on vacation. How did they know they were on vacation? They lifted the lid of a dumpster at the Chronicle's distribution facility in Concord and grabbed discarded printouts showing which subscribers had put their paper on a vacation hold. Noyes interviewed one of seven burglars arrested in the case. Grant Whiteman, in a jailhouse interview, admitted that he got the addresses of the homes he hit by diving into dumpsters at the Chronicle. Noyes talked to victims and he tried to interview somebody from the Chronicle on camera, but only got an e-mail from a marketing person. The Chron said it was the fault of their independent distributors. The victms and police say the information about vacation holds should be shredded before it is put in a dumpster.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I won't be seeing this crime story in the Chronicle anytime soon.