Sunday, November 4, 2007

Future of Sinkovitz brothers unknown

Tom Sinkovitz, left, caught up with his brother Jim in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, according to the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, which ran this picture. Tom Sinkovitz left KRON in September 2006 after 17 years. His twin brother Jim, according to the Lancaster paper, lost his job as an anchor/reporter but is currently a finalist at another station in that market west of Philadelphia. Says Jim Sinovitz: "It's tough when the rug gets pulled from under you ... in Philadelphia, the anchors and most of the reporters don't leave [by choice] because it's a big market. ... There's so much news during the day, and you have to look good all the time." When Tom Sinkovitz left KRON last year, he said "I'm not saying 'good-bye' tonight. I'm just saying I'll see you later."

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