Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stations line up legal experts for Bonds trial

Bay Area TV stations are lining up attorneys to provide analysis for the Barry Bonds case, though Channel 2 is looking for a replacement for its regular legal expert, John Burris. Bay Area Newspaper Group columnist Dave Del Grande points out that Burris works for Bonds, so viewers can expect a fresh face on Channel 2 when Bonds goes to court on Dec. 7. As for the other stations, Channel 5 will use former Santa Clara County judge LaDoris Cordell and Channel 7 will rely on former prosecutor Dean Johnson, now a defense attorney in San Mateo County. Cordell and Johnson were analysts for the Scott Peterson trial. Channel 4 refused to reveal its game plan to Del Grande and a Channel 11 representative said that station has no plan as of yet.

Mark Fainaru-Wada, who along with Lance Williams broke the Balco steroids scandal in the Chronicle, starts Monday at ESPN. ESPN will likely use Fainaru-Wada and trial lawyer Roger Cossack, former host of CNN's "Burden of Proof," as its analysts.

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