Thursday, December 27, 2007

City College of SF offers journalism courses

City College of San Francisco plans to offer a variety of journalism courses for neophytes, veterans and everyone in between, in the spring semester starting Jan. 14. Maybe you know someone who'll be interested.

Course titles:
    J19 Contemporary News Media
    J21 News Writing and Reporting
    J22 Feature Writing
    J23 Electronic Copy Editing
    J24 Newspaper Laboratory
    J26 Fundamentals of Public Relations
    J29 Magazine Editing & Production
    J31 Internship Experience
    J37 Intro to Photojournalism
All are 3-unit courses, except the internship, which is 2-unit.

Additional details are in the attached PDF. For more information, call department chair Juan Gonzales at (415) 239-3446 or see and put "journalism" in the search box.

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