Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bronstein's job change discussed for months

Phil Bronstein's move from editor of the Chronicle to a new editor-at-large position was several months in the making, both Bronstein and Chron Publisher Frank Vega both tell E&P. Said Vega: "We have been talking on and off for months. We've had cuts and a lot of that is hard duty." The E&P article also notes that Bronstein's personal life has changed from the days when he was married to actress Sharon Stone and the two of them were on the covers of supermarket tabloids. In 2006 he married Christine Borders and the two of them became parents recently to a boy, Caleb. He is also continues to raise seven-year-old Roan, a boy whom he and Stone adopted in 2000. "When you've got two kids at home, you've got a great family life, it causes you to think about what you are doing," said Bronstein, 57.


Robert Holmgren said...

You have to admit, the breathtaking losses racked up under Bronstein's leadership didn't help him. The Hearst Corp. patience has to gall stockholders.

Anonymous said...

What stockholders? Hearst Corp. isn't a publicly held company!

Robert Holmgren said...

Well then that's great news for those who might have owned that turkey. Has that been reported?