Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clear Channel to sell 3 San Jose stations

Clear Channel has agreed to sell three of its 10 Bay Area radio stations in a deal with the FCC that will allow the company to be taken over by private investors. The stations going on the block operate out of San Jose:
    • KCNL-FM "Channel 104.9," alternative rock

    • "KFOX 98.5" (actually KUFX-FM), classic rock

    • KSJO-FM 92.3 "La Preciosa," Spanish
Clear Channel is keeping the seven stations that originate from its studios at 340 Townsend St. in San Francisco (left): KNEW-AM 910, "Green 960" KKGN-AM, "Star 101.3" KIOI-FM, "98.1 KISS-FM" (KISQ-FM), 103.7 KKSF-FM, 106 KMEL-FM and "Wild 94.9" KYLD-FM.

Nationwide, Clear Channel is jettisoning 42 stations in the top 100 markets as part of the $19.8 billion buyout by a group led by Thomas H. Lee Partners LP and Bain Capital Partners LLC. The sell off is necessary so that the new owners will comply with revised FCC ownership limits.

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Anonymous said...

Clear Channel has ruined KKSF. I wish they would sell off all their stations so that some ownership with the listeners in mind would take over. KKSF used to be a great choice for eclectic jazz and other music, with some good DJs, but now most of them have been jettisoned for CCs eternal search for more $$$. Every time you turn around, it sounds more like an AM station with commercials blasting at you like a machine gun. Sad.