Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CBS5 now doing local news in HD

Like the rollout of color television in the 1950s and 60s, the transition to high definition is going by station, year by year. KPIX CBS5 has become the third station in the market to air its local newscasts in HD. Its first HD newscast was at noon on Jan. 28. All of last night's local election coverage on CBS5 was in HD.

KGO ABC7 converted its helicopter to HD on Feb. 15, 2006. On Oct. 11, 2006, KTVU Channel 2 became the first local station to broadcast its local news in HD, followed by KGO ABC7 on Feb. 17, 2007. CBS5's "Eye on the Bay" went HD in May 2007. Still doing local news in standard definition are channels 4 and 11.


Anonymous said...

channel 4 broadcasts local new in hd on 4.2

Anonymous said...

KRON's broadcasts are widescreen, but still standard def.

Anonymous said...

KRON "upscales" like TNT does for a lot of their programs. They are not true HD tranmissions from my understanding.