Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Solar cells to help power radio transmitter

KGO-AM 810 announced today that it is installing solar panels on its transmitter towers near the Dumbarton Bridge. KGO says it will become the first major broadcasting station in California to use solar power to transmit its 50,000-watt signal.

"As a trusted Bay Area news source, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to be a voice for important ecological issues," said KGO Radio President and General Manager Mickey Luckoff. "Solar power is one of many eco-friendly (environmentally sound) initiatives that deserve increased public awareness.”

For those interested in following the progress of the project, KGO has created a blog. The blog includes this photo of solar panels placed on the roof of the garage at the transmitter complex. (Photo credit: KGO-AM Transmitter Engineer Art Leberman)

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Anonymous said...

Does KGO have plans to become a daytimer?