Monday, March 24, 2008

Hispanic journo group drops Merc project

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has suspended a recruiting partnership with the Mercury News.

"More positive signs in the hiring and retention of journalists of color at the Mercury News that increase the diversity of its staffing and an improvement in its relationship with the local Latino community need to be undertaken," the association said in a March 13 statement posted on its Web site.

"Until that time this news organization will not be acknowledged as a partner in the Parity Project," the statment said. "When the Mercury News shows its commitment to newsroom staffing that reflects the diversity of its community and its active interaction with that community, NAHJ stands ready to resume our active partnership. We look forward to that happening."

The association says the recruiting project has 25 other media partners.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone read these things before they're posted? The grammar is atrocous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure MediaNews is shaking in its boots over this piece of news.

Anonymous said...

atrocous? you mean atrocious, right?