Thursday, April 3, 2008

Other stations already calling Russomanno

Tony Russomanno, one of the 14 KPIX newsroom employees laid off Monday, tells the LGBT Bay Area Reporter that he is fielding phone calls from other stations but has yet to decide what the next step in his career will be. Russomanno had been with Channel 5 for nearly 17 years, but had not been on air since January due to foot surgery. The station has agreed to pay him for the rest of his contract, which expires in July, as well as a severance package, according to the Bay Area Reporter. "I had planned to keep working several more years at least. I will be looking around for something to do," he said.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised he's getting calls. I'm sure Manny Ramos will be picked up soon too. CBS's loss.

Anonymous said...

Reporters are only a fraction of people who were let go at CBS5. Lots of experience and talent is lost behind the scenes too.
And several who should have been let go are still employed.
Quality news is DOA.
Good night and good luck