Thursday, May 8, 2008

Leslie Griffith's view of the Couric saga

"The new sales people in charge of many of today’s commercial conduits of broadcast news want happy faces on the young women who read the news," former Channel 2 anchor Leslie Griffith says in this piece posted on the Bay Guardian site. "When the chirpy attitudes evaporate and the young woman grows up, the order is placed for fresh meat."


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
When you got started in this business, your young pretty looking face did NOT play any role in taking that anchor table. You really think you're talented and gifted 'journalist' or something special. Man, you must feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, you're right -- "sales people" run TV stations and networks. But "sales people" have always run TV, going back to the 1950s. It continues today.

Great journalists have been able to do great work that forced the "sales people" to give them a chance, give them a slot on the schedule.

A "sales person" like Bill Paley took a chance on Ed Murrow and let him do shows like "See It Now." Sure, Ed's ratings weren't great at first, but his programs had an impact.

Leslie, you gave up. Instead of pushing for quality journalism, you quit in a temper tantrum familiar to those who work with TV news "talent."

Instead of focusing on yourself, or the looks of anchors, go out and get compelling stories -- stories Channel 2 needs to have to keep viewers from changing channels. If you can do that, you're an asset. If you can't ... well, enjoy the skiing in Steamboat.

Anonymous said...

Leslie seems bitter and unable to face the reality of the modern journalism market.