Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Startup hopes to improve online news popups

Apture, a San Mateo-based startup founded by three Stanford computer scientists, hopes to improve the links journalists embed in their Web pages. Led by 23-year-old Tristan Harris, who left a master's degree program at Stanford to start Apture, the company provides a point and click system for publishers to add cross-reference links to their Web pages. Writes April Joyner at
    While developing Apture, Harris consulted with journalists in Stanford's John S. Knight Fellowship program. The company's investors include Stephen E. Taylor, former executive vice-president of The Boston Globe. (Apture thus far has raised an undisclosed amount, reported by Om Malik at under $1 million, in angel funding.) And its first clients include The Washington Post and the non-profit news organization ProPublica, in addition to the technology blog O'Reilly Radar. Harris believes that Apture is particularly well-suited to investigative journalism online by enabling publishers to share, through technology from the document-sharing site Scribd, primary documents used in reporting stories.

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