Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Report: KGO 810 tumbles in 25-54 demo

"Radio Equalizer" Brian Maloney reports that Arbitron's switch from diaries to Portable People Meters has crushed KGO 810's legendary ratings into tiny bits. He writes:
    Late last week, the first PPM report representing July 2008 was released to clients and obtained by your Radio Equalizer. ...

    While the station did retain its number one position in the overall 12 and older demographic, it was killed in the all-important Adults 25-54 segment. Because advertising rates are set based on a station's performance in that category, strong ratings there are a must.

    But KGO's new figures show it ranks just 18th overall, with a particularly disappointing 18th showing during the crucial morning drive period, followed by 17th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., an abysmal 23rdin afternoon drive and 20th between 7 p.m. and midnight.

    By contrast, all-news competitor KCBS was number one in morning drive.

    Rock-bottom numbers like that should have advertisers thinking twice about paying a premium to advertise on KGO.
Maloney, a conservative, points out that conservative KSFO 560 fell to 31st place in the 25-54 demo.
    After firing talker Melanie Morgan in what was claimed to be a cost-cutting move, KSFO's morning show generated a mere twenty-second showing.
KGO-AM topper Mickey Luckoff was warning more than a year ago that the People Meters presented a skewed look at the radio audience. We suspect there is more to this story.

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