Thursday, September 18, 2008

Examiner archives open at UC Berkeley

"Twenty-five Years in Black & White," a slice of San Francisco Bay Area history from 1935 to 1960, has opened at UC-Berkeley, with more than 100 photos from the Bancroft Library's Fang Family San Francisco Examiner Archive. Here's a press release with details and a few photos. Phil Anschutz, the billionaire oilman who bought the Examiner from the Fangs in 2004, donated the newspaper's archives to Berkeley in exchange for an $18.4 million tax write-off — which was more than the $10.7 million he paid the Fangs for the Examiner, the LA Times has reported. The Fangs owned the paper from 2000 to 2004. When they purchased the Examiner from Hearst Corp., they also got the paper's library, which dated back to the 1800s. The San Francisco Daily Post reported Feb. 11 that some of the historic archives, instead of being given to UC Berkeley, were being sold on eBay.

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