Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SFgate's "World Views" digest signs off

Edward M. Gomez bid farewell to readers today in his unique SFGate blog "World Views," which is ending as the Chronicle reduces its staffing to meet a Hearst edict of cutting 125 newsroom jobs by Dec. 31. Writes Gomez:
    Numerous other, familiar features of this website will also be disappearing, and a notable number of employees from the S.F.Gate/San Francisco Chronicle editorial team will be leaving the print/electronic newspaper as its editorial-production staff is dramatically downsized. ...

    Big thanks to the many local and national advertisers who, working with S.F.Gate's ad-sales team, have chosen to place their ads on this part of the website. In these difficult economic times, that kind of advertiser support is crucial to any journalistic enterprise. I believe advertisers who support journalistic efforts that strive to deliver a high-quality product to readers in turn deserve an audience's support. Something to consider, perhaps, as the recession continues to unfold...
(Photo credit: SFGate.com)

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