Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Advice on making Web sites journalist friendly

Danek S. Kaus, a blogger for the Examiner, has posted a piece on what companies should do if they want to make their Web sites easier for journalists to use.

"A recent survey showed that 85 percent of journalists search the Web to find both sources for stories and ideas for stories," Kaus writes. "This means that you must put your press release/and or press kit on your Web site, preferably in a dedicated tab or section. You might call it Press or Media."

Here's a link to the story that provides other tips. Kaus adds, "The more helpful you are, the more they will want to do stories on you."

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Anonymous said...

God, this post shows how lazy reporters have become. How about knocking on doors? Or asking for public documents? Or knowing which agencies have which documents?

Anything a company puts on its Website will be positive and un-usable for a serious journalist. Exceptions: Phone number, physical address, names of officers.