Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jobs 'scoop' based on third-hand info

Valleywag got people talking on Monday when it reported that Steve Jobs had entered Stanford Hospital for an operaton. But, as Ed Oswald of explains, the scoop — which nobody else has been able to corroborate — was based on a third-person account of what a Stanford Hospital employee supposedly said at a party. Oswald writes:
    While I do side with those saying that Apple should be more forthcoming with Jobs’ condition, shoddy reporting is shoddy reporting. I have a single golden rule for “scoop” journalism. Anything I get must come from a direct source with exact knowledge of what they are telling me. No friend of a friend stuff.

    Remember Whisper Down The Line? Remember how often things get messed up on the way? Exactly.
(Photo credit: AP)


Anonymous said...

another good reason to discourage "citizen" journalism.

Anonymous said...

it's striking how many mainstream journalists went with this story, given the crappy sourcing