Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New blog, with 2 staffers, covers transit

Bay Guardian reports that there's a new, newsy blog in San Francisco, Sf.StreetsBlog.org, that covers issues concerning bicyclists and pedestrians. The blog is staffed by editor Bryan Goebel, formerly of KCBS-AM, and reporter Matthew Roth. StreetsBlog also pays as a contributor longtime local author and activist Chris Carlsson. Streetsblog started in New York and has sprouted sister blogs in LA and now SF.

"The No. 1 reason we decided to open up SF StreetsBlog is because so many people were asking us to do it, particularly from the bike activist community," Aaron Naparstek, executive editor of the three StreetsBlogs, told the Guardian. "Most important, we also had a guy with money asking us to do it — (San Francisco bicyclist) Jonathan Weiner ... There's a vibrant activist community that thinks we can be useful and there are people willing to fund the work."

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Anonymous said...

Does Weiner allow his bloggers to write things that he disagrees with, or is this blog simply to push his point of view?