Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here's one way to get a byline in Time

Dana Yates, a reporter with the San Mateo Daily Journal, recently got a byline in Time magazine. More accurately, her byline on the Journal's front page could be seen in this photograph in Time's Feb. 16 issue. The picture available online (which we have placed above) doesn't show details such as the text of the front-page stories in the news-racks, but the printed edition clearly shows Yates' name on a story headlined "Police issue prowler alert," published Jan. 29. The picture was apparently taken in Burlingame. The cover story in that issue of Time was a piece by former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson titled "How to Save Your Newspaper" in which he urges newspapers to charge online readers. The news-rack appears in a picture for a sidebar on gadgets that can be used to read online news.

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Anonymous said...

The Burlingame Daily News is shown there too -- whose byline is there?