Friday, February 20, 2009

Old-time press agent Suzy Strauss dies

Suzy Strauss, one of San Francisco's old-time press agents, has died of pneumonia at age 89. Here are three grafs from the obit Carl Nolte wrote in the Chron:
    Just before she died, friends said, Ms. Strauss scribbled her own epitaph on a piece of paper: "It was a wild ride, folks, thanks to my beloved family and friends."

    ... She had a reputation for "knowing everybody in town and being known by everyone," said former San Francisco Examiner travel editor Georgia Hesse. She could drop names like a champ. "Benny" was Benny Goodman, "Frank" was Sinatra, and "Ella" was Fitzgerald.

    She knew them all, and they all knew her.
(Photo credit: Family via Chronicle)

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