Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Par Ridder's defense cost $11.5 million

MinnPost, an online newspaper in Minnesota, took a close look at the documents released in the bankruptcy filing of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and found that the company spent $11.5 million defending former publisher Par Ridder from charges that he stole information from the rival St. Paul Pioneer Press, managed by Dean Singleton's MediaNews. Par is the son of Woodside resident Tony Ridder, chairman of the now defunct Knight Ridder chain. Here's a link.


Jesse D said...

They coulda used half the money an gave him some nasal repair surgery. That dude could launch a snot rocket inta spac.

Anonymous said...

you should have mentioned that he confessed to stealing a laptop full of information from the PiPress ... and much of this money was spent prior to his confession, protecting him in what was simply a case of employee theft.