Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Would the Huff Post business model work locally?

Randy Shaw, longtime San Francisco activist, attorney and editor of BeyondChron.org, says that the Huffington Post business model might work on a local basis if the Chronicle closes:
    A new Bay Area Internet product modeled on the Huff Post could get its local stories through its own staff, and by taking pieces from Beyond Chron, sfbg.com and other on-line news sources. It could recruit great volunteer political commentators from the local area, tapping the Bay Area’s deep talent. The paper would have two paid, top-notch sportswriters that would draw readers to the site.

    How is such a product economically viable? The same way the Post is doing it: through advertising. By offering a product not available elsewhere on the Internet, this new online newspaper will be attracting readers that advertisers want to reach.

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Anonymous said...

Huffington Post has plans to start local editions.