Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'No Name' makes triumphant return

Mike "No Name" Nelson, who was fired last July by CBS Radio's Alice FM 97.3 for supposedly driving away female listeners ages 25 to 44, returned Monday to another CBS station, Live 105 (KITS).

Can't imagine that demo was put off by the promo photo Alice FM had of No Name last year.

Says CBS Radio market manager and svp Doug Harvill: "No Name is a terrifically talented performer and I'm thrilled to welcome him back to LIVE 105 and CBS Radio San Francisco."

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Anonymous said...

Heh, an axe wielding dj who drives away part of his intended audience rates neutral coverage, but a highly popular newscaster with a 50 year career gets the back of the hand. Sounds like the Bay Area media explaining normal to the locals.