Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ling's sister to appear on Larry King

Actress Lisa Ling is scheduled to appear Monday night on CNN's "Larry King Live" to talk about her sister, Current TV reporter Lisa Ling, who along with fellow journalist Euna Lee were captured by the North Koreans on March 17. The North Korean government plans to put the two women on trial Thursday. The LA Times reports that experts believe it is likely the two could face up to 15 years of hard labor:
    When North Korea detained two American TV journalists in March, accusing them of illegal entry and "hostile acts," analysts believed the script would be familiar: The pair would be tried, convicted and soon released in exchange for U.S. concessions.

    But after a nuclear test in the secretive state that was harshly criticized worldwide, experts say the women could be sentenced to longer prison terms with little chance for negotiation. [More]
The Times story noted that Current TV, the San Francisco company co-founded by Al Gore, continues to refuse comment about the case.

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