Sunday, June 28, 2009

AP Broadcast awards presented

Here are some of the Bay Area winners in 2009 Mark Twain Awards, presented Saturday night at Universal Studios by the Associated Press Television-Radio Association of California and Nevada.
    • Dick Terry Videographer of the Year: Dean Smith, KGO, San Francisco.

    • Chris Harris Reporter of the Year: Hank Plante, KPIX

    • Best Serious Feature: "The Quiet Room," Anna Werner, Abigail Sterling, Gerard Watson, Greg Marasso, KPIX

    • Best Videography of a News Feature: "A Real Car," Anne Onate, KTVU

    • Best Assignment Team/Live Breaking News: "Summit Fire," Angelina Baray, KNTV

    • Best Radio Investigative Reporting: "Carpool Confusion," Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Best Serious Feature: "The Milk-Moscone Murders: Thirty Years Later," R.J. Peruman, KGO-AM

    • Best Use of Sound-Serious or Hard News: "American Dream Evicted," Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Pat Davis Radio Reporter of the Year: Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Best News Broadcast (More than 15 Minutes): KCBS 5 p.m. News," KCBS AM/FM, San Francisco.

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