Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SF Weekly writer wins humor column award

Katy St. Clair of the SF Weekly won first prize in the humor category for large papers at the National Society of Newspaper Columnists' column-writing contest for 2009. First-place awards pay $300. The contest's judge wrote:
    Only St. Clair would use a trip to a bar called "Casanova" as an excuse to quote from Aesop, or work references to Fred Flintstone and the 1936 Olympic games into the same column. Her humor often coses with a history lesson, literary notation, a reference to her mother, and a chaser of pathos, as she sagely encounters an array of sloshing drunks, leering barkeeps, Glengarry Glen Ross-quoting salesmen and predators and prey of various spots and stripes.
Here's a sample of St. Clair's work (link).

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