Friday, August 28, 2009

KQED-FM no longer top public radio station

KUSC-FM, a Los Angeles classical station licensed to the University of Southern California, is bragging that it is the top rated public radio station in the country, according to Arbitron. Normally that's a crown that KQED or New York's WNYC wears. It may be one more upset caused by Arbitron's switch from diaries to Portable People Meters. During the spring quarter (April 2-June 24) for listeners 6 and older:
    • KUSC, 737,000 listeners per week

    • WNYC, 721,500

    • KQED, 704,300


Anonymous said...

Still, 700,000 is huge. Do you have the ratings for KPFA?

Robert B. Livingston said...

Too bad there is no way to measure how well a public radio station broadcasts in the public's interest.

Popularity ratings contests should be for commercial stations only.