Saturday, September 19, 2009

Press Democrat workers reject contract

The Guild unit at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that workers at the paper have rejected a new contract that called for a continuation of an earlier 2.5 percent wage cut plus a new 3 percent cut.

The Guild says 80 percent of its members voted, and 81 percent of them turned down the contract.

Management suggested a yes vote would mean no more layoffs, but Publisher Bruce Kyse wouldn't offer any guarantee, the Guild said.

The Guild unit at the PD reported the vote at It does not appear as if the New York Times-owned Press Democrat reported the vote in its Saturday edition, if its Web site is any indication.


Anonymous said...

Hello, layoffs. Time to get real.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the NYT is pulling money out of its cash cow in California to keep its New York flagship afloat.

Anonymous said...

... or, paring down staff in anticipation of devoting more resources to the upcoming Bay Area edition of the NYT.