Saturday, October 17, 2009

Local editors say NYT section no threat

In comments to Editor & Publisher, the top editors at the Chron, Examiner and Bay Area News Group said they don't consider the new twice-a-week Bay Area section in The New York Times or its Bay Area news blog to be a threat.
    Chron's Ward Bushee: "They have 10 people covering a very large, competitive area. We have a full staff much larger than that covering the area ... All it means to us is that there is a lot more competition, which is a good thing. I welcome it." Ex's James Pimentel: "Newspaper readers will be happy to have another option ... But the Examiner is going to continue to excel in covering local news. We will continue to provide the best local news. We concentrate on local news." BANG's Mac Tully: "I wouldn't say it is a threat ... But this is a competitive market and this will elevate the level of competition. It just makes everyone work harder. You have to."
E&P gives updated circulation figures for the NYT in the Bay Area: 40,080 daily and 57,514 on Sunday.

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