Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Examiner, MediaNews papers to team up on ads

The Examiner and the Bay Area's MediaNews papers — such as the Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, etc. — plan to work together to sell advertising, the Denver Business Journal reports.

The "San Francisco Bay Area Buy," or SFBAB, is an attempt to compete with the Chron. Billionaire Phil Anschutz's Denver-based Clarity Media, owner of the Examiner, says the combined MNG-Examiner buy will reach more readers than the Chron.

Ironically, Hearst, the Chron's owner, also owns 30 percent of MNG's assets outside the Bay Area. A federal judge has barred MNG and Hearst from teaming up in the Bay Area.

"The San Francisco Examiner makes the SFBAB’s geographic coverage complete," Mark Wurzer, chief marketing officer of Clarity Media Group, said in the Examiner statement.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what customers will say during sales calls?

"Didn't the Examiner close years ago?"


"You say you reach more people than the Chronicle? Of course you do--their circulation just dropped 25%. Pennysaver reaches more people than the Chronicle!"

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Bruce Brugmann hears about this!

Rich Harber said...

I never see the Examiner any more. I live in San Mateo, and they never fill their boxes anymore, and you can't find it in stores. Their online edition is a mess, sort of an amateur news site from what I can tell. If the owner really is a billionaire, he's sure a tight-fisted one when it comes to distribution.

Anonymous said...

two right-wing denver fat cats, asnschutz and singleton, have teamed up to dominate the bay area newspaper market ... how crazy does that sound!

Anonymous said...

wonder how long it will be until they start sharing "content"?