Thursday, November 12, 2009

KLIV 1590 giving away ads to help economy

KLIV-AM 1590, San Jose's news station, is giving away commercials to local businesses in order to help the economy and demonstrate the value of radio advertising. CBS5's Len Ramirez says in this report that the giveaway is almost unheard of in commercial broadcasting.

"All we're saying is call us up and in a very limited amount of time tell us what special thing you have for our listeners during the Christmas selling season," said station owner Bob Kieve. "We want to show those advertisers or those business people that radio, and especially KLIV, are very good advertising media."


Anonymous said...

Is the station giving away spots because it can't sell the time? KPIX's report never addresses that key question.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the station. You'll hear plenty of commercials.