Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chron offers 'exclusive' to paying readers

Those who pay for the Chronicle — presumably its print readers and those who receive the e-edition — got a bonus story this morning. The "Print & E-Edition Exclusive" is a change of course for the Chron, which has been pushing readers to its free site for 15 years. Last summer, Editor Ward Bushee decided to only put Phil Bronstein's column in the print edition, not on SFGate, as an experiment

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Anonymous said...

I think they're going to have to offer more than that to get people to plunk down $1 for their print edition, or $400/year for a subscription. They really need several compelling stories every day to get the public's attention. And they need to promote the fact that their print editions have exclusive content -- promote it in outside media, not little labels like the one seen here.