Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael Savage returns to local radio Feb. 1

Michael Savage, who was dumped by KNEW-AM 910 in September, has landed at KTRB-AM 860, which has an all-sports format. Savage, who lives in Marin County, will continue to a political show, however.

"Sports fans are generally tuned out of politics, and I want to tune them in to what is happening in this great country," he said, according to World Net Daily. "Hopefully, with this new demographic, I will attain the high ratings numbers I once had and even exceed that in time."

Savage is still heard on 400 stations nationwide. He returns to the air here on Feb. 1.


Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is the epitome of hate talk. He should be shunned.

Anonymous said...

ratings and revenue are two entirely different things in doesn't matter how high somebody's ratings have to find advertisers who are willing to be on a particular show...savage had OK ratings here, not great...he was no. 1 in males 18-34 for most of his quarter-hours, but advertisers could care less about that's really hard to sell. ... KTRB has essentially no ratings, so a minor bump from Savage is an improvement. ... KTRB needs to promote itself...but the Bay Area market may be too big for its current management to comprehend/understand.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, I love Michael Savage. 910 was dumb for dropping Savage and 860 is smart. Thank you KTRB-AM 860 for adding him. I never listened to that station before but now I will!

Anonymous said...

what time is michael savage on at 860 am? anybody?