Saturday, June 26, 2010

New nonprofit paper tested in SF; no ads but $2

The nonprofit San Francisco Public Press has printed its first edition — 28 broadsheet pages and 50 articles which hawkers are selling on the streets for $2 a copy.

“We don’t know what the consumer demand is for a product like this, because there has never been a product like this,” Michael Stoll, executive director of the San Francisco Public Press, told Bay Citizen. “That’s one of the reasons we’re calling this a prototype, and part of what we’re prototyping is the business model.”

The Public Press already has a website, but it wanted to see how a printed paper would be received by readers. Another goal is to bridge the digital divide.

Copies can be purchased at (Photo credit: SF Public Press website)


Anonymous said...

The top story is about Macy's selling fake gems. Given all of the Macy's ads in the Chronicle and Examiner, I guess we won't be seeing a follow-up story in either of those papers.

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Anonymous said...

This will last about two issues.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they'll accept city money like Hellman is willing to do at Bay Citizen?