Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eshoo favors federal regulation of satellite TV

Once upon a time, the FCC only regulated terrestrial broadcasting, such as TV and radio. Now the government is telling companies such as DirecTV and Dish TV what they should offer customers, and Dish TV is fighting back. It sued the FCC on Thursday, saying such regulations violate the First Amendment. Specifically, Dish is balking at a requirement authored by Palo Alto Democratic Congresswoman Anna Eshoo that it must carry non-commercial stations in HD by 2011 in any market where they carry a station in HD. “If Dish has room to carry pornography, they can find room for PBS,” Eshoo said. Here's the story from The Hill, a website that covers Congress.


Anonymous said...

She's also pushing to regulate the Internet ... but it's for our own good, so don't question it!

Anonymous said...

Government knows best. Whatever they want we should all get onboard. What could go wrong?

W. Jones said...

As television viewing moves to satellite, cable and the Internet, the public has the right to expect that the government will ensure that non-commercial voices are as accessible to viewers as commercial stations. PBS stations need to be on a level playing field with CBS, NBC Universal, CBS, Viacom, Time Warner, etc. I'm glad Rep. Eshoo is sticking up for the public.