Friday, August 6, 2010

Chron offers workers a raise next year

The California Media Workers Guild, which represents Chronicle workers, reports that management has given some ground in contract talks including a "small wage increase" (no numbers were given) in 11 months (July 2011).

The Guild also reports both sides have reached agreement on sick leave, grievance procedures and layoff notices.
    Except for the small wage increase, the company offered no money to help protect our health and welfare benefits, and no indication pensions could be restored or that a 401(k) match could be offered. 
    While today’s small moves by management were encouraging, they still fall far short of addressing the clear message we’ve received from our members: 
    We’ve made huge sacrifices to save The Chronicle, and it is time those were recognized.
No date has been given for contract talks to resume. Newsroom and advertising workers have been without a contract since June 30.


mel belli said...

Better than we're getting.

Anonymous said...

The Chron still isn't 'saved.' It's losing millions of dollars a year, even with the cuts and give backs.