Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fire consumes San Jose radio station

KSJX's studio and four towers are located on Highway 101
between the Berryessa Road and McKee Road turnoffs. Source: Google maps.

A five-alarm fire tonight (Saturday) consumed the building that houses KSJX (1500-AM) in San Jose, according to the Bay City News service. The fire began in vegetation near Highway 101 and soon engulfed the radio station. A nearby Kellogg's factory, at 475 Eggo Way, was threatened by flamed and the employees were sent home. No injuries were reported and the cause wasn't immediately known.

KSJX broadcasts in Vietnamese and is licensed to Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Licensee LLC. FCC records indicate KSJX's transmitter towers are located next to the building that was destroyed tonight. The station is licensed to operate with 10,000 watts daytime and 5,000 at night.


David Ferrell Jackson said...

The fire also knocked KZSF (1370 AM) off the air -- both stations use the same transmitter building to house their equipment, and broadcast through the same towers.

Anonymous said...

WED (10/12) Heard 1370 on-the-air but no 1500 yet.