Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glossy paper didn't increase Chron's ad revenues

Advertisers haven't responded to the Chronicle's switch to glossy paper, Chronicle president Mark Adkins told Josh Tapper of the Nieman Journalism Lab. In the past few months, the Chronicle has scaled back the use of such paper to Sundays.
    The Chronicle won’t be phasing out high-gloss paper any time soon — not with that $1 billion Hearst deal — but Adkins isn’t ready to champion glossy as the savior of the print industry.


Anonymous said...

Beyond that, how is the Chron's internet-only subscription drive going?

Anonymous said...

well, duh!

could it be that readers still think the words on the page are more important than how pretty the ads look?

Anonymous said...

Glossy doesn't work...have they tried toilet paper?